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Review | elrow x ABSOLUT Presents MIDSOMMAR Festival Frolics
11th August 2018 0 comments

Cova Santa is celebrating summer 2018 Swedish style with a ‘wow’ factor MIDSOMMAR concept this party season. They’ve collaborated with elrow and ABSOLUT vodka to create one of the most outrageous, psychedelic parties of the year. As soon as you step inside Cova Santa, you’ll be greeted with the sight of their freshly landscaped grounds adorned with some of the most surreal, Alice in Wonderland-esque objects, like a giant purple toadstool and elephant statues strewn with flowers seemingly luxuriating by a sparkling pond. This dreamlike backdrop is then finished off by crowds of multi-coloured nymphs either dancing or rolling down the party central’s grassy hill.

This is the first time Cova Santa has hosted the elrow crew at their breath-taking multi-terraced al fresco location in the hills beyond San José and they clearly enjoyed transforming themselves into a fairy-like land of wonder. elrow are renowned for their out-of-this-world parties which take place in over seventy cities across the globe, so when they announced that they would be throwing a MIDSOMMAR-themed party at Cova Santa that would be ‘a day and night of feasts, wild dancing, cocktails and play’, with the mysterious slogan that ‘when the sun never sets, anything can happen…’, we knew party-goers were in for a treat!

And boy, what a treat! As soon as we arrived at 7pm, we were bowled over by the atmosphere of mysterious, magical splendour. Sparkling elf-like performers weaved in and out of the crowd entertaining them as they went. An eccentric chef in goggles popped sweet strawberries into the willing mouths of partygoers and proffered flowers to ladies clad in gowns apparently crafted from flora and fauna. We were then taken to a wooden area where we were offered floral headdresses and body glitter to complete our transformation into elven party-worshippers. From there, we made our way to the maypole just in time to see the opening dance being performed by an array of magical creatures and mystical characters, including towering stilt walkers.

After that we joined the feast, held on long communal tables on the terrace enabling you to overlook the celebrations. Dining at the event is optional, but so worth the indulgence as the food is as remarkable as the surroundings and entertainment. Given the MIDSOMMAR theme, the food was appropriately Swedish in vibe. We were served a groaning smorgasbord of a menu innovatively imagined by Espai Kru which involved food jewels like sharing plates of seaweed bread with anchovy butter, quinoa with tuna belly, Alaskan salmon with béarnaise sauce, stewed veal meatballs and a delectable strawberry cake to finish.

Midsommar in Sweden is a time of tradition, jollity and mirth. The original Midsommar celebration marked the beginning of the summer solstice and saw people revelling in this change of season by making flower wreaths and gathering around the maypole to dance. Nods to all this could be seen clearly throughout Cova Santa. Traditional Midsommar parties always involved music and Cova Santa did not disappoint on this front! Once the feasting had concluded and the sun was beginning to dip in the sky, turning the clouds a mystical pinky blue, the music commenced. Taking to the stage were the musical delights of 2ManyDJs, Damian Lazarus, Crazy P, Acid Mondays and Alfedo who got the MIDSOMMAR party vibrating with festive rejoicing, elrow style of course! Once Cova Santa was well and truly bouncing, bubbles appeared as if from nowhere, blown magically from the ceiling and more and more theatrical performers and gymnastic entertainers arrived, throwing themselves into the crowd in front of the stage, impressively designed to resemble the sun, to amaze and delight the partygoers.

Partygoers were as blown away by the musical entertainment on offer as they had been by the surroundings and food – every musical genre seemed to be catered for! From disco-infused house vibes with the likes of De La Swing and Crazy P, to thrusting, rich deep house soundscapes from Damian Lazarus and upbeat techno by Acid Mondays.

Cova Santa’s trip to MIDSOMMAR was clearly a winning formula for elrow, not least because they were lucky enough to enjoy sponsorship from ABSOLUT, who kept the drinks flowing and created delectable vodka-based cocktails that helped to keep everyone dancing til dawn on the night that the sun never set!

Whats a great night! ThHank you again Elrow crew 🙂