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Review | Last Carl Cox: Evolution from Revolution Last Chapter leaves Ibiza smiling as promised land
22nd September 2016 0 comments

20th September, a night that Ibiza was boiling with anticipation awaiting The Last Chapter of Carl Cox’s Revolution at Space. Suffice to say that every Ibiza savvy doesn’t need the historical facts now or the amount of people stumping to get in and enjoy one last, alas the term became a cliché, but let’s call it one last party of this kind.

The Boss Carl Cox at Space
Carl Cox our hero and king of techno at Space, Ibiza

Some people decided to call it a sad night, as good byes are always hard, but wherever there’s an ending, something new is about to unfold and begin. Ravers just went and had the boogie of their life time, resting peacefully now that they’ve been there for The Last One. I can hear them say: “Mate, it’s been mental!”, “Respect”.

Even a few days beforehand you could already feel the tension. It was on everybody’s lips. Tourists, party people from all over the world, all music enthusiasts involved with this phenomenon over the years, residents of all nationalities, even the ones who have never been at one of his parties, were talking with excitement about it.

Let’s think about Space’s dance floor last night as a war scene. And although today is International Peace day, last nights’ scene wasn’t peaceful at all, but vivid and charged with energy. A question remains: if you’re not there anymore and you can’t feel it, you can’t hear it, what’s there to write about after the fat lady sang? It’s just a memory : “Well this was the last one!”.

Cox is a legend, respectfully so . The party was great fun and people of all sorts have enjoyed it. They’re now part of this history chapter, they can say : “Been there, done that”. But what is behind the brand?
Carl Cox is a Disk Jockey and he’s gonna play again. Not at these gps coordinates that are holding the legendary “Space”. But he’s gonna play again and if there’s any Evolution after Revolution, he’s gonna do it even better, in a different space.

The Space we all know and love is sharing now its last breaths with us. Not only for Cox, but for many other artists, producers and event organizers, this party has been a staple of how to do it properly.

There’s been live streaming, photos are there to remind you of the visuals, videos have been uploaded frantically on Facebook and every other media and appraisals aren’t gonna stop for a few days.

For an all night flawless vinyl set, there are tunes worth mentioning and energy currents produced by his choices of music:
Flash – Green Velvet

Love Story vs Finally – Layo & Buschwacka vs Kings of Tomorrow

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams

Javi Colina & Quoxx & Rafa Marin – Reina del mar

Ce Ce Rogers – Someday
Joe Smooth – Promised Land

There was no mistake, no skipped beat, no awkward change of pace. It’s been a  stream of consciousness being able to produce, under pressure a piece of musical flow that’s gonna stay with us forever. That’s remarkable and priceless. Thank you with a big smile

Until the next last party, raveheads have got  a message for Carl from Space! Thanks for having us all all these years, thank you  for your genius book of music. Without you, Space would have long been just any other place along the Playa d’en Bossa strip.
Now that the venue will soon close its infamous playful gates and rooms and morph into the new Bossa scenery,  27 years seems like the appropriate age to lose the landmark. But Carl Cox, the man who played last night, still exists and will still play. At least once or twice.

The Doors – This is the end

Hasta la proxima, enjoy the afters people!