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We discover the beautiful beaches of San Antonio
28th September 2016 0 comments

The night is long, but it had to end…now let’s choose a beach for you to attend…

Cala Bassa, Ibiza
Cala Bassa beach, Ibiza

Cala Bassa

Very reachable by bus (or car) and with great parking facilities. Or you can catch the ferry straight from San An, Cala Bassa is a go-to for many reasons.

It’s a hugely popular spot which caters for all and is surrounded by a wooded area of old Sabina trees and turquoise waters…not one for those potentially looking to sleep off the night before however.

There are four restaurants. The Chiringo serving Med food all year round, the CBBC Restaurant with its gastronomic enticements and the Sushi Restaurant (last two available only in Summer.) If you don’t fancy the whole nine yards, there are beach bars selling completely edible food just a walk away from the sand.

Cala Bassa Beach Club is the hot spot. It’s beautifully laid out and offers a selection of chilled DJ beach vibes and highly enticing food and drinks – at a price with a recently added night time event schedule ‘CBBC by Night’ which has been greatly received by locals and tourists alike..

Ibiza Cala Gracio beach
View from Cala Gracio beach

Cala Gracio

Walk straight there from San Antonio, it’s 15 minutes so let’s not worry about cars or ferries on this one.

It’s a stone’s throw, but perhaps just enough to be bit too far for those truly bedridden or irrecoverable. The perfect beach for children as there are no currents. This means snorkeling is a must, as there are smatters of rocks and shallow coves to go and swim around without surfacing in Mallorca. Cala Gracioneta is a tiny little walk around the coast and it’s a little more cozy than its big brother. El Chiringuito is the beach bar and restaurant that draws its clientele from the beachgoers, with its own nightlife, cocktails, food and live music this find is quite a different member of the Mambo Group portfolio..

Sunset across San Antonio Beach Ibiza
Sunset across San Antonio Beach Ibiza

Es Puet

Quite literally on the San An main beach promenade so don’t get all panicky. If you strut along from San Antonio or along the road around the bay you’ll find it – don’t expect to park on the beach, this is silly.

It’s a sand and shallow water beach, pretty much how you see a beach if you close your eyes and told your brain to think ‘beach.’ It’s great for children and there are snack bars within reaching distance. A ferry goes service to San Antonio and other beaches. Don’t forget to bring your rod, the jetty by Es Puet snack bar is a great place to fish.

S’Arenal de San Antonio, Ibiza
S’Arenal de San Antonio, Ibiza

S’Arenal de San Antonio

Around 500 metres long, even at peak season you’ll find a place to rest your head weary traveller, there’s even a touch of parking to be found if you fancy it.

This is a great mess about beach, right below the busy promenade backed by holiday accommodation. There’s watersports and in the evenings the beach is  a great place to watch the sun set behind the moored boats in the harbour. As it’s right on the promenade, there is a huge selection of bars including our favourite Itaca, Ibiza Rocks Bar, Linekers and of course Ocean Beach…or for those truly done, KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut. As the main hub for the young clubbers, there are a variety of clubbers’ hotels for a reasonable price to be found.

Calo des Moro, Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza
The lovely beach of Calo des Moro, Sant Antoni de Portmany

Caló des Moro (Sunset Strip)

As in actual Sunset Strip… just walk from San Antonio centre around to Mambo etc, ask and you will be directed.

It’s on the north side of town around from the harbour, just follow the curve around. This beach is now pretty popular and though very small, is now a busy part of Ibiza, especially during Summer. It’s sandy and if you get there early there’s enough room to park a towel or two. Also there’s the nice smattering of rocks to explore underwater and on a quieter day, this beach offers a bit of peace and close by is the Aquarium where you can view local marine life. There’s Mint, Cafe Del Mar, Cafe Mambo, Savannah…all names that will be familiar to those local to Ibiza and beyond with some new venues this year like Mais and our firm favourite  Golden Buddha Bar. These heavyweights are always near the top of a visitor’s list. All of San Antonio’s hotels are within a few minutes drive.

So there’s a quick run down list for anyone needing some beach inspiration but to be honest there isn’t a bad beach in Ibiza like there isn’t a bad anything ; )