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It’s all about the closing parties weekend in Ibiza 2016
29th September 2016 0 comments

Hey there fellow partiers!

This weekend is about to be incredible, fantastic, live, epic and memorable, wrapped into one exhausting, nonstop party marathon. Not only are there closing parties for the entire weekend, but Space will finally be closing down! With this information, let’s write up & read you the list, with the events & dates in correspondence. Remember to read the fine details- particular events have certain requirements and details you need to pay attention to, so you can be there and not square.

Friday, September 30th

  • Ocean Beach Ibiza Closing Party

Ocean Beach Ibiza Closing Party will be the best midday party you’ll ever see out on the San Antonio side. Bring your bikinis, alcohol and dance routines and we’ll bring you the sexiest dancers with the best aerobatics to challenges your moves. The party starts at midday and ends at 11 PM/2300. Warning: this event WILL sell out, so get your tickets fast! For more information, the lineup list and tickets, go here: Tickets

The summer time for Blue Marlin Ibiza is coming to a close. With awesome DJ sessions and an event that goes from afternoon to evening, this party will be hard to miss. The positive side about this event is that Blue Marlin will have their winter scene after this final outing, so come and see how they close out the summer!

  • I Am a Richbitch- Privilege 2016

With a main event like Busta Rhymes, this is the party to scope out and be a part of. Having 40 Euro tickets, the one benefit is that there’s still time to get a VIP table! With an urban theme in the biggest club on Ibiza, you need to come here to witness R&B, rap, hip hop and trap styles at the same time during Privilege’s grand finale. For more information, the lineup list and tickets, go here: Club Tickets

  • Boogie in Wonderland

If you want sequins, celebrities and something new in your life, look no further than Boogie in Wonderland. New to the lineup, Boogie in Wonderland has proven to be a success, with glamour and dance blended in a perfect mixture. The lineup isn’t confirmed, but what is will be the majority of clubbers in this one setting. For more information and tickets, go here: Buy Tickets

Saturday, October 1st

Ushuaia Ibiza Closing party
Ushuaia Beach Hotel Cloasing Party very cool Billboard
  • Ushuaia Beach Hotel

A very cool and exciting DC comic theme heads up this years closing party for Ushuaia, 5 star reputation and impressive lines to rival any other party, Ushuaia’s 2016 party will be the best Saturday night choice for anyone.

Currently, tickets are 50 Euros before 7/19, and 70 Euros any time after.

The event will be from afternoon to late at night. Expect long lines, a fantastic lineup and only the best. Why are you still reading this?

Reserve your tickets now! Click Here

  • Day 2 of Music On Closing

Music On Day 1 and Day 2 are during this weekend, with Day 2 on Saturday. This party will be another closing party for Ibiza, with it arguably being the best techno night for the island. Expect an Italian following, lots of people and constant techno being played throughout the night. For more information, the lineup and tickets, click here: Amnesia Tickets

Sunday, October 2nd

  • Last Event for Space Ibiza

Now, this is the main event for the weekend, and the best is being literally saved for last. Space is officially closing on the second of October. To mourn

Space Ibiza Closing Party line up
The full Space Ibiza Closing Party line up

the loss of the venue, there will be the most epic, hype and live finale ever with Ibiza. For a quick mention, do not worry about obtaining tickets online like other events. Anything that is sold online isn’t legitimate, since the pre-sale is already sold out and now unavailable. Instead, go to the door and then get the tickets. Space is used to long lines, and are expecting thousands to come out. There should be around 10 lines running at the same time.

Space has a history with Ibiza since 1986, and has been the same set up since 1989. Being an open terrace, the club is known for its airliners that create a booming noise. Space is one of the few clubs that still has an open air dance floor, while other clubs have been shut down for their noise complaints. This is the reason for their popularity and consistency, and the fact that the club is shutting down is a loss for the island. Since Space is going out of business on the 2nd, make sure you show up to see this final blowout.

For Space’s last event, nothing but the greatest will be going down. The party will be starting at 4:30/16:30, and go until Monday morning. Thanks to the early opening, you can enjoy the car park and be in Space’s scene before the party. Space is completely known for their wild, extravagant parties, so expect the most insane scenarios and the greatest line up. For a sneak peek, the following will be performing: Carl Cox, Anna, Carl Craig, Doorly, Mind Against and Oscar Colorado. That is a small slither of hundreds that will be performing throughout the event.

Get there early and enjoy the scenery. See Space for its daylight hours, enjoy its atmosphere. Then, party until your heart explodes. Party and enjoy the hundreds of DJs. Enjoy the most crazy, insane scenery that is unique with its old school ways and new school look. Stay for the longest period you can, and kiss Space goodbye.

We going to miss you Space… x

For other parties and options to see on the island, check our clubbing calender for more info!