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Review | We get far out at Flower Power Closing Party, Pacha Ibiza
1st October 2016 0 comments

No trip to Ibiza is compete without a night in Pacha and we think if it’s only one time then Flower Power should be it..

The night for us started in the new Rio bar and club in San Antonio where the pre party was in full force with colourful themed decorations covering the whole of the exterior terrace and the one night hippies were out in force, we too were in that happy cohort dressed in colourful attire with flowers literally in our hair.. The official Pacha parade which is the only one you see now with the new bans on them came through the marina promenade with a cohort of approx 30 in amazing costumes playing all sorts of instruments giving our heart shaped lollies and good vibes along their way.

Flower Power Closing Party at Pacha Ibiza
Flower Power Closing Party at Pacha Ibiza

As we approached Pacha we were greeted with a sea of Fiat 500’s and a huge cut out of the Beatles iconic Abbey Road crossing, the general admission line was round the block but luckily we bypassed this to be ushered by I think John Lennon (!) to the guest list entrance but friends waited over half an hour to enter the hippy land.. But once in it was worth it.

Pacha do flamboyance like it was their middle name from the hostesses offering you flowers on the way in to the joss sticks burning in be flower beds to the attention to detail with the flying spliffs and ban the bomb signs from the ceilings. I was walking into a sea of wigs and flares and all seemed right in the world the general vibe is as you imagine chilled and happy ..The first song we heard was ‘Jammin’ Bob Marley which was received with huge cheers from the baying crowds, I have never seen Pacha so busy; it was impossible to get to the main dance floor all night so we watched the live performances from the balcony where even then I was squashed up against a pillar!

Highlights for me where the James Brown tribute singer and the John Lennon and Yoko scene were they are carried through the crowds on a bed paying homage to that famous image, a huge motorbike and Jim Morrison came out about 4am which raged through the crowd leaving me feeling high on the fumes! (Was the petrol honest) Tracks heard included The Supremes, Elvis, The Doors, The Stones, John Lennon, and The Beatles it was a musical journey from 50s to present day: when yellow submarine played the crowd reached a climax and I’m not sure there was one person not in their own little world was it musical euphoria I’ll leave that to your imagination ; ) a throughly fun night and we danced in the smaller more manageable funky room till 7am!

Flower Power we will see you and your happy tribe next season for sure!..