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REVIEW | Space Ibiza closing 2016 the last dance
7th October 2016 0 comments

At 16/4 PM on October 2nd, Space opened up for its very last time in history. 27 years old and still considered one of the hottest clubs in Ibiza, Space was officially shutting down. Though the mood was bittersweet and heartbroken, the partygoers made the most of this news and did a marvelous final hoorah. 100 DJs, multiple rooms opened at the same time consistently and different sets throughout the night kept people on their feet and their minds entertained. For a club that brought old fashioned setting with the craziest DJs and parties, Space made sure to close down in style and make their final night one to be in the history books.

With tickets going set at 100 Euros and endless lines, Space’s last night was hectic, brilliant, exhausting and overwhelming. The announcement of Carl Cox leaving was enough to leave a person distraught, but knowing his residence was also retiring is enough to ruin a person’s day. Not to worry though- Cox came back with a vengeance, hosting part of the DJing with a midnight special and sharing the limelight with over a hundred other DJs. Not only this, but this show was the finale, so nothing more or less was expected from Space itself.

Space has been known to generate some of the largest crowds for Ibiza in general, and has a tendency to become crazy and hectic. This night was typical in that fashion, but also well organized. The rooms were all opened at the same time, so no one was really over packed in any of the five areas. Workers, including the one and only Pepe Rosello, were on standby the entire night and tailoring to the needs of the DJs, audience and even other workers. Pepe, owning Space for now 27 years, was watching his child leave the nest after all this time; however, he knew they weren’t going to be back.

Pepe Roselló and Carl Cox on stage
Space owner Pepe Roselló and legend Carl Cox (Image courtesy of Space)

So, knowing that this baby was going to be moving for good, he staged the set up to be accommodating for all and still professional. The doors opened early and people were able to float between the five areas and the Flight Area comfortably. The sense of style and originality came in full force- many of the members of the audience were of the young adult age groups, but there were actually quite a few older partiers as well. It seemed that with the announcement of Space’s closings, many people who had been there at some point were paying a pilgrimage to their once “hangout spot” or “best vacation when they were __.” At many points, you’d bump into someone and they would be trying to tell you what they remembered.

That is the beautiful aspect of Space- with its age, comes a nuance of stories, memories and experiences. For Pepe, his club had transformed from once a standard club scene for tourists and Europeans to Ibiza’s biggest club in regards to opening/closing parties and having one of the best reputations on the island. Different individuals like Carl Cox became a staple in the scene, gaining a loyal following. Last but not least, Space was one of the few clubs on the island to also remain true to its own past. The open area is unique for a club that is made with noise barriers and thanks to the open terrace, beats can boom without installations to muffle the raw emotional state of everyone involved.

The different types of beats played on October 2nd were astounding and admirable- every DJ who performed had done so before as well in Space. This was essentially a 20 hour marathon for all to perform in their different sets as well. Workers were doing the standard professional Space protocol, but the craziness was still there. The best part? There was not a noise restriction for the sets, since the day was Sunday, so what was considered “crazy” or “hype” escalated to another whole level. Add in the fact that you’re in an open terrace that is like a sports field and radiating a booming beat and you are realizing you’re at the greatest closing party in the history of the island.

With the new tracks also came club classics. In a more general viewpoint, the club was not only raving out the hardest it could but also paying homage to 27 years of music. As Carl Cox beautifully articulated, “We love the music, that’s why we’re here, nothing more, nothing less.” Every DJ who performed had their career catapulted by Space, so each also gave a personal sacrifice of their greatest performance to the club.

Carl cox on the main stage of space closing
Carl Cox on the Main stage

Cox came back with a vengeance to close out his alma mater, who shot him to popularity and fame. In the Flight Area around midnight, Carl handled his slot in his average fashion and decided to not only wow the audience with this standard work, but also create new music as well. Cox was able to unite all ravers together in this area, with classic club hits, new tracks and then touching everyone with John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Cox closed out his hour with this particular set up and took his final bow with grace and still being able to wear his belt of being the most popular DJ Space produced.

Paul Reynolds was representing the Sunset Terrace side of the Space club. With the noise restrictions off for the day, Paul took advantage of this and made the perfect atmosphere for dancing, celebration and the perfect wake for Space. With a blend of funky, pop and disco elements in the air, everyone danced the night away to “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie, along with other cherished classics. Though the music was intoxicating, Paul made sure to still make his presence known for more than his music. Seeing him in this side on the final day was refreshing and quite relaxing, considering the tone was much more laid back than others.

While Flight Area, Discoteca and Sunset Terrace had their own genres and sets going, no one forget about the man behind the beloved Space Pepe Rosello was hanging out with Carl Cox for most of the night. At the end of it all, he thanked the ravers for making Space what it was for 27 years and memories will forever be held within the people and the club for eternity. With the setting of a marathon of dancing, nostalgia, memory making and celebration, Space’s closing brings a veil of sadness, but anyone who’s been there can’t help but smile at the space that was everyone’s favorite Space.

The last moments of the closing fiesta…

Space we love you… We will miss you… Respect to all x