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Winter in Ibiza
15th October 2016 0 comments

Ibiza is one of the world’s most well-known party centrals in the world, and is arguably the most popular summer destinations for clubbers.  With summer gone and fall in season, the real question is what actually happens in Ibiza in the winter? Without the partying attractions and extravagant raves, what is the real Ibiza like? What is really going on the beloved Spanish island that people hear about?

In reality, Ibiza is actually a gorgeous destination to venture to in general. November to April is the winter season for Ibiza. Less people will be there, making it a plus for guests who want to beat the crowds. Not only will tourism be at an all-time low, but the weather is still impeccable, even in the fall. Temperatures are known to average in the 60s to 70s, making it perfect weather for anyone who is trying to escape colder temperatures and precipitation. In a typical year, sunshine is in the forecast for approximately 300 days, so why not spend it in one of the world’s most gorgeous places?

Explore Ibiza Town
Explore Ibiza Town without the crowds

While enjoying the picturesque weather, why not also explore and make adventures on the island? Ibiza might be known for its human activity, but it is also known as a breathtaking location. There are multiple locations to go on hikes for on foot, and other tours can be taken by car. The following places are where you can find these adventures: Ibiza, San Antonio, San José, Santa Eulalia and San Juan. When going on hikes, you can also enjoy the luxurious beach fronts without the crowds as well.

If you’re looking to club, then there is plenty on in the winter. There is still nightlife in Ibiza, Pacha remains open all year with some great events, Sankeys continues with some excellent nights plus lots more underground events across the island to explore and to enjoy. Unfortunately, the winter time lifestyle is not as friendly towards clubbers; the one time frame to have any high expectations is during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. There will be plenty of festivities to attend during the end of the year, and it will help usher in the next season of partying and raves.

For the rest of the time, there are plenty of activities to participate in. Wining and dining will be quite the treat for guests and tourism- this is the setting for a particular Ibiza quality that is hard to find in the summer. “Degusta” is promoted during this time- it consists of four to five course meals with wine included, at a very affordable price. Along with this, there will be many markets open: this includes trinkets, clothing, boots and other souvenirs.

Overall, though the winter months give the island a financial beating, there are still plenty of activities to do and participate in. Not only will be you be able to go to Ibiza with a smaller budget successfully, but you won’t have to be competing with the crowds.

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