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Review | Transmoderna at Pacha
14th September 2019 0 comments

After much deliberation, I decided to head out to the interestingly named with my good friend and Café  Mambo resident DJ James Reid.

There are lots of attractive parties on Friday’s in Ibiza and the decision to attend was purely down to the headline acts – Honey Dijon and Dixon, who are two DJ’s that I’ve wanted to see for some time now and are regarded as underground stars in their own right.

We hit the club sometime around 1.30am and upon entering we could hear that unmistakable sound of Honey Dijon controlling the main room with her Chicago influenced tech-house, that was creating a great energy and vibe in room, especially when she repeatedly cut in the baseline from Robin S’s Show Me Love to the delight of the crowd. She is a super talented DJ who I respect because she has done things the right way in her career and represents more than just headphones and music.

Transmoderna at Pacha

It wasn’t long before she was handing over to Dixon, who immediately switched things up with a change in tempo and that distinctive melodic techno that suited the early hours perfectly.

As a producer and DJ myself you can’t help but get geeky with the music that Dixon plays, which is both sonically beautiful and intriguingly strange at the same time, its easy to see why he has such a reputation in the industry and is considered one of the best artists to come out of the Berlin.

Pacha has changed a lot since I last went with its refurb for the better,  if you like a night of quality underground music, then I can’t recommend this night enough.