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Review | Claptone raising the roof at Pacha
14th September 2019 0 comments

Last week I ventured to Pacha Ibiza to see Claptone’s Masquerade party. I must admit I generally have this summer steered clear of the busier parties but I took an invite from Claptone’s PR agency and really glad I did take a punt on this night out. From the moment I walked into the club with my friend we were treated like royalty by the host Ben who directed us to a private area behind the DJ booth. Claptones’ signature plastic gold long nosed venetian style masks were displayed on the tables and complimentary branded Masquerade fans for us to have were accepted. We started acting like two over excited spanish Flamenco Senoritas and coupled with the copious drinks tokens we were given a few shots were had and we were set for a great night at Ibiza’s most famed and loved nightclub Pacha.

We arrived just after midnight to the club and Masquerade resident DJ Shir Kan was controlling the room with his bouncy house set for the opening hour. He dropped some well-known house music chart hits as the ever-increasing crowd pushed forward into the main room from the entrance salon. The newly designed and refurbished Pacha in its second season since its restyle is great to house busy club nights now with an expanded dance floor and no pillars you don’t feel at all restricted even though it was the busiest night I’ve seen this summer in the club, I didn’t once on the dance-floor feel cramped which was an old feeling more often than not in this nightclubbing Mecca.

At 1 am America’s Felix Da Housecat who is a legend of the house music scene and all rough nice bloke started his set with great aplomb and the vibe was set for the night, house and more house. Maria and I were transfixed by the Pacha dancers and their exquisite costumes and stature especially my friend Ibiza seasoned dancer Miss Lucy Yasmin who shone on stage each time her set came on. Dressed in almost bondage like get up Lucy and the harem of dancers really evoked a sense of theatre and the style reminded me of the movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ masked men and women cloaked in silence with stylised movements at every corner. There really was so much to look at at all times and coupled with a piece of great energetic house music set from Felix which included punchy driving beats and massive musical drops which the baying early September crowd loved!

Felix’s set ranged from old classic grooves dropped with modern twists.

Rolling into 2am and Australia’s Sonny Federa came on with a more accessible commercial house set, with familiar recent chart tracks dropped his set I would sum up as warm house and feel good summer vibes. Vocal house was evident is almost every track which kept us sing along girls happy and as Sonny ramped the pace up a stand out track for me was Mike Bibi’s Hanging Tree, Mike is a British/Ibiza summer based promoter/brand owner (Solid Grooves) and DJ, it was great to see his track played on this world famous decks, his career is flying!. I got a bit excited and sent him a video live as it happened I think he appreciated it but maybe not the 3am ping on his phone!..Sonny powered through all the way into the 3am headline and head honcho of the Masquerade party Claptone’s set entrance which was epic, no other way to describe it. With aerial acrobatic artists putting on a real display and the company of dancers all in line on the stage standing still, the crowd went wild as Claptone entered in his gold mask then I knew  this weekly spectacular had reached its climax

Claptone’s signature headline set was as expected, bouncy and banging with a more tech house edge keeping the clubbers on their toes with mesmerising synths which drove the audience into a frenzy. Maria and I danced for 2 hours solid and as the clock stuck 5am we realised it was very much time to go home after sampling a lot of comp drinks and hospitality from Pacha our dancing feet were done and our Ibizan beds were calling!

Hands down the best night at Pacha I’ve had in 6 summers living and working in Ibiza. Thanks to the Claptone team, Purple Wall Management and Listen Up PR Agency for the amazing reception and Maria my amazing dance partner, will be back for the closing party next month thank you 😀