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Review | We hack the system at Ushuaïa with United Ants
3rd September 2018 0 comments

As the hype and billboards of the now famous ANTS takes over the Island the brand has to deliver – and deliver they did. A line up that included Joris Voorn, Steve Lawler, Tapesh, The Mekanism and a live DJ set from Island favourites Groove Armada is never going to disappoint and with the decor lined pit in front of the now famous read lit stage at Ushuaïa just adds to the drama.

UNITED ANTS 1 September at 19:50 ·  Saturday sunset and tunes with DJ Steve Lawler. #unitedANTS #ushuaiaibiza #hackthesystem

Parisian born and now Ants regular ‘The Mekanism’ was a true favourite with expertly blended rolling grooves and sharp chord led progressions that captivated the entire building crowd. A set that twists and turns in his very own style proving his position on the Ants roster.

Joris Voorn’s signature sound pulls the spectators to the dance floor and keeps them there for the next hour, sweeping strings, snippets of classics as well as number of his own productions pump through the air amongst a sea of raised hands, the dutch wizard pushes and pulls in every direction and it is clear to see why the hype is very real before every set he plays – a true master of the booth!!

Groove Armada is a name that needs no introduction and is often a surprise to see live by the fans that are used to their more mellow commercial releases – a dj set like no other with tech infused bombs that just keep coming, the duo each playing a specific role in their bespoke set up.

United Ants at Ushuaia Ibiza

A true demonstration of perfect crowd control, dips and weaves through a journey of rolling groovers and huge drops, Groove Armada may have been doing this as long as most line ups combined – but they can hold their own amongst any of the headline acts that join them!! The Ants favourite – Andrea Oliva whose style has now become synonymous with the Ants brand was my stand out set, techno infused brilliance effortlessly thrown around the Ants arena. The brand that now tours the world often brings Andrea with them and it’s not hard to see why! Edge of seat builds and often unpredictable was something not too far away from touching brilliance. Ants is always a special party but on this occasion we left feeling we had been part of something that may not be recreated for some time.

A huge thanks to all of the Ants and the Ushuaïa team for yet another epic showcase.