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Review | We trip down to Pacha and feel the love at Flower Power
4th September 2018 0 comments
Flower Power, Pacha, Mon 3rd September
I have been coming to Ibiza for almost a decade now. In that time there have been many changes. Clubs have closed down. DJ’s have come and gone. Nights themselves have seen boom and bust. It appears that the product life cycle of the club night is becoming shorter than ever as the demands to maintain freshness and deliver something new have never been greater. This is further exposed by the rigours of social media.
Flower Power at Pacha
The beautiful dancers at Flower Power, Pacha
Flower Power is a colourful, effervescent and vibrant occasion celebrating the sounds of the 60s & 70s embodying the Haight & Ashbury counter culture movement. Everybody is dressed up in bohemian clothing and from the moment you arrive it has a special feel.
From the Liverpool Beatles to Volkswagen Beatles you feel like you’re in the set of an disco movie. Pacha itself is a beautiful club steeped in tradition. For the night of Flower Power it is completely transformed. Is it one night I feel anybody from anywhere of any age would not only enjoy but feel like they belong there. The DJ drops the sounds of disco pop beats to an international crowd that love to sing along as well as dance. These are anthems of doomed youth that bring back memories.
Louie Vega at Pacha
Louie Vega brings the vibe to Flower Power, Pacha
This is a night of entertainment. Adding further to this happy ambience are the intermittent shows where the Pacha dancers & singers put on a live show. The Tina Turner tribute was my favourite. Flower Power is a night where I could not stop smiling.
I first went to Flower Power 8 years ago and I am so happy that the night continues to thrive.  In the ever changing landscape of Ibiza clubbing it is essential that we maintain island tradition & continue to entertain through more engaging experiences. Flower Power is not so much going to the theatre but moreover you actually feel involved in the actual production. Peace is the word of the night & long may Flower Power continue to keep a piece of our Ibiza Hearts.