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SHADOWS at Cova Santa offers a salient insight into Ibiza’s original clubbing values
30th July 2019 0 comments

SHADOWS invites Solomon and Tale Of Us for arguably the best free shindig of the season. 

It’s not everyday you hear word of a free party in Ibiza, let alone one that features two of techno’s most esteemed names set in the beautiful hills of the Ibiza countryside. A stand-out date on the 2019 calendar, just the sheer thought of witnessing Solomon play at Cova Santa seemed surreal in itself. However, in an act of resolute defiance to following the majority of the current Ibiza landscape, SHADOWS is determined to make a difference.

Headed up by respected DJ and Producer, Magdalena, SHADOWS is a day-to-night concept which initially landed at the idyllic settings of Blue Marlin last season. Staying true to its name, the party provides a rare opportunity for individuals to become one with the darkness of the night, a wonderful unison which is enhanced as the sun begins to set. Four years on from her first White Isle gigs, Magdalena’s first-ever headline residency proved to be a penchant for quality underground music and was popular amongst those who were ‘in-the-know’. In addition to this, the early start time and free aspect of the party ensured SHADOWS always attracted quite the mixture of people, something which has helped maintain this unique buzz during their 2019 transition to Cova Santa.

Solomon at Cova santa

Sculpted by the water of the San Josep mountains, Cova Santa was a very apt location for the authentic message SHADOWS intends to portray. Fine dining and occasional raving, the venue truly is one of a kind. Purchased by the Amnesia Group almost two decades ago, this magical Ibizan spot is home to a high-class restaurant with a usually much-more chilled vibe. As previously mentioned though, on occasions, this unique gastronomic experience decides to turn things up a notch creating a raw, salient insight into Ibiza’s original clubbing values. Reminiscent of the hedonism generated during the Music On after-sessions a few years ago, SHADOWS had created an aura of excitement that had rarely been experienced on the island this summer. Now to see if the substance could outlast the hype…

One of the island’s best kept secrets, we rocked up to Cova Santa earlier than anticipated due to the high demand and limited capacity of the night ahead. Much to our delight, we were able to enjoy the ancient charms of of this natural island treasure for what they were. Greeted by an array off lights, we continued on up an impressive stairwell which led us to a stunning open-air restaurant environment. A truly exclusive location with breathtaking views, early arrivals began to indulge themselves within the sounds of Diynamic’s leading lady, Magdalena.

Meticulous in her selection, it was evident to see the German knew exactly what the people wanted. Reading the crowd and reacting to their needs whilst subconsciously directing those needs in a path laid out for the night, her years of experience as a booker and club manager have certainly not gone to waste. A character soldered together by sociability and serenity, her distinct music taste paid tribute to Ibiza’s original party culture. Working in dreamy melodic house cuts, calmly swerving through a sea of hypnotic percussions and gloomily minimalistic techno ensured a jam-packed floor for this week’s special guests.

Solomun at Shadows

Stepping up to the decks at 9pm was the heavily anticipated back-to-back appearance from techno titans, Solomun and Tale Of Us. No strangers to one another, this colossal combination has become a proven formula on several occasions, most recently pairing up for an unforgettable performance at this year’s EXIT Festival in Serbia. Continuing that momentum on their return to the party capital, their surprise open-air shindig broke even more poetic and emotional boundaries. Unfazed by the cluttered overcast skies of the Balearic, Solomun and Tale Of Us were both enchanting and extraordinary taking proceedings up a notch with Cid Inc.’s ethereal cut titled ‘Via Karelia’.

Reuniting with his Afterlife compadres, Solomun was certainly in his element. With a flick of his hips, a casual raise of an arm and a chugging bassline, the Diynamic maestro unleashed a wealth of popping percussion and mind-blowing synths with his own melodic number, ‘Bonte Blume’. So suave and relaxed at the controls, Solomun’s dress code of a shirt with Ellesse tracksuit bottoms was very apt. All of this, alongside the mesmerising soundscapes and lush rhythms of Tale Of Us, made for scenes complete with revery and awe. Their insertion of Fango’s Remix of ‘Lonely Tribe’ by Maceo Plex was the perfect example of this, a stripped-back version of the original encapsulating those present with a lean, sliding groove.

Undoubtedly one of the stand-out highlights of the Ibiza summer calendar thus far, SHADOWS’ open-air special was a unique culmination of originality, escapism and a refreshing throwback to the clubbing values which helped Ibiza initially become known as the party capital of the world.