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SuperMartXé opening raised the Privilege roof!
3rd July 2019 0 comments

The SuperMartXé party at Privilege opened on Friday, & didn’t disappoint.

We got there early, & took up our position at the end of the bar (but from minute 1 did more dancing than drinking)
We knew it was going to be a great night as virtually everybody came down the stairs into the aircraft hanger size club room & did the “Peter Kay dance” with beaming faces….straight to the dance floor !!!

Privilege Supermartxe

DJ Juanjo Martin was on fire, mixing amazing beats overlayed with vocals from songs from all genres we all knew & loved.

The Chinatown themed decor gave us a taste of things to come, & just after 2 the back of the DJ booth was opened up & the stage curtain dropped….
& we were treated to an interactive treat with big screen visuals, plenty of dancers lit up with LED costumes & live vocals from Spanish singer Nalaya, her powerful voice & stage presence were mesmerising.

Next up David Tort played a great set, while Chinese dragons weaves their way through the crowd who had confetti rain down on them.

2manyDJs were up next, playing a set which mixed genres skilfully without losing any enthusiasm from a dance floor just there for a great party.


Finally Weiss took control, continuing what was a top night to the close…
& to quote his mega track of last year he certainly did “Feel My Needs”

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