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Whats on in Ibiza this November
10th November 2016 0 comments

With the autumn season, the island has slowed down, temperatures are getting colder and people are bundling up. What’s also changing is Ibiza’s schedule for the month- it’s not quite winter season, so there are certain showcases that are happening to bring in the winter season! The following is a list of November hits to look forward to:

November 11, 2016: Pacha’s ”People Like Us”

From midnight to seven o’clock in the morning, get ready to party with People Like Us and other fun party beats. They aren’t the only ones there; Angel Linde will be one of the familiar faces at Pacha, DJing the night away. A sweet bonus? If you’re a resident and have your ID card, you will get up to three hours free!
For more information, look no further:

November 12, 2016: Pacha’s Festival Season

What better way to bring in the winter than bringing back the festival season? Pacha Talent will be there on the 12th, showing that it is not just the summer season who knows how to get down. Expect larger crowds, great artists, house and techno music and to be satisfied with the club scene on this night.
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November 18, 2016: Pacha’s Event

Another Pacha event = another night of epic partying. On this date, there will be 5 DJs and a great night to schedule in, since there will be less crowds on this evening. Make sure you book your tickets, considering nights like this are rare!

For tickets, look here:

November 19, 2016: Sabastian Gamboa and his night Vintage returns

If you know anything about Sebastian Gamboa, then you are well aware of his popularity not only on Ibiza, but recognize Vintage as well. Gamboa is a product of the Ibiza island, drawing inspiration from House icons and growing into his own name. Sebastian is well known on Soundcloud and is on all social media.

Beginning in the 90s, Gamboa grew in his career thanks to Ibiza. As his career developed, so did his taste and range. With the year 2011, Vintage was born  and displayed in numerous venues. However, Gamboa stayed loyal to his parent place, and comes back to Ibiza specifically to play at venues and perform Vintage, which is the top performance in Spain.

It is easy to say that tickets are completely worth it, so look here to reserve yours! &

November 25th, 2016:Electric Ibiza

Get ready for electric beats and a great night with Electric Ibiza. Two are already shown in the line up- be 18 and older and enter the scene before 2 AM, and you will be good to go!


November 26th, 2016: Ten Ibiza

Ten Ibiza is returning to Pacha, and coming back with a vengeance. Known as the party that is the party, Ten Ibiza will be ushering in the winter season in a full blast type of way. Created three years ago, Ten Ibiza is fixated on community, modern sounds and the ability to have a good time- trust me, it’s worth it.

Elsewhere this November in Ibiza

November 17th– Our underground favorites, Unusual Suspects at Sankeys

They will have their winter opening party on the 17th of this month! Being a hit in 2015 during its first summer party at Sankeys, expect the same delivery and energy for the winter. Who will be headlining includes DC-10 regular David Squillace, Martin Buttrich, Re:You and Haiku 575. Your ears will feel ecstasy and bliss with this line up. Due to its popularity from the previous year, get your tickets, expect a crowd, but expect musical perfection too.

Escondida Cala – On November 13th, experience Cala’s finale!

Food, music and a picturesque beach front location, Escondida Cala is a perfect experience for the party goer who wants a good time with relaxation. If you want a beach bar that offers everything you could want in the club with food, this is the place for you.

Saturday 19th – Afterdark at Malanga Cafe

Head down on the 19th for the fabulous Mr Doris and his After Dark party as one of our favourrties and Ushuaia resident Paul Reynolds joins the fun alongside Lorcan.

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