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Review | Melon Bomb rocks Nassau Tanit Beach club
30th November 2016 0 comments
Melon Bomb at the Nassau Tanit Beach Club
All Photos Courtesy of Renata Subic

Nassau Tanit Beach Club in Playa den Bossa, saw one of the islands up and coming parties brings people together for all the right reasons; the music! A real Ibiza vibe with a great following by the ever growing Melon Bomb Family.

The four founders Paul Reynolds, Scott Gray, Ben Santiago and Corbi were joined by their good friend Clara da Costa on the turn tables and there was even a special appearance by Nell Shakespeare the lead singer from Ibiza House Orchestra!

With the anticipation and the feeling for a good night ahead, I came with the boys from the beginning; walked around the beautiful venue to get a feel for it, which by any beach club standards, Nassau Tanit Beach Club is amongst the best in Ibiza!

A couple of hours in and the people are making their way through the doors to join, what at this point, is already looking to be a very busy night. Playing a range of Disco, Funk and House music all I could see was the vibrant cheek to cheek smiles, chatting and feet on the dance floor. There were people taking group photos, and with no hesitation, the DJ’s would get involved for pictures, helping to make good memories for all!

As mentioned earlier the ever-growing family of Melon Bomb brothers and sisters from all reaches of the world were once again coming together; I cannot think of any other party on the island quite like it! It feels fresh, something this island has been missing for quite some time and I have been working and living on the Island since 2006! These guys have something good and without a doubt anyone who comes to Melon BombRain or shine!

Melon Bomb Crowd
Melon Bomb Crowd picking up the pace

Later on in the night, tracks like ‘Seb’s Party’ by Kraak and ‘Smaak’ dropped by Scott Grey and Donna Summer I Feel Love (Danny Howles Mix) were making the crowd go wild while the fountain sparklers were being handed out to show a real celebration of how the night was going! It was going well!! Following that Nell Shakespeare came on the mic and sang an original song by Powder Monkeys, ‘Holdin On’ and everyone was gripped by her amazing voice!

The night was due to finish at 2am that wasn’t going to be the case, naturally everyone shouted “one more tune, one more tune” without management trying to stop the music, the music went on and on, finishing off around 40 minutes after the closing time! Not one unhappy face in the room, only smiles! Another top night to add to their list of venues you will be seeing them playing at again I am sure!

I have been to a few venues where the party is held, notably their home of Melon Bomb in the hills of San Antonio, Pikes House and a ridiculously busy and great vibe at Bubbles (the new Club 107) in Bota Foch Marina.

Talking of which this NYE Melon Bomb take over Club 107 which will be their last party in 2016 and first for a great year ahead in 2017.

Melon Bomb Ibiza
Paul Reynolds raising the roof of Nassau Tanit Beach Club

Tickets are being sold online for just €15 per ticket. Be quick because this will surely be a sell-out event! I have my tickets get yours only at >

Seb’s Party by Kraak and Smaak

Donna Summer I Feel Love (Danny Howles Mix)

All Photos Courtesy of Renata Subic