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Flower Power Ibiza
20th July 2019 0 comments

Dripping in flowers, fuelled by love and with feel-good the soundtrack to this get-together, Flower Power is an iconic fixture to the White Isle’s party circuit. As one of the oldest running events, over forty years of delivering its signature retro concept has seen a following amass of those looking for something outside of the traditional clubbing scene. A night where strangers become friends on the dancefloor, the music policy of golden anthems from the 60s, 70s and 80s encourages its parade to sing along and throw out their largest air guitars. Not forgetting the unspoken rule of fancy dress where flares, platform boots and heart-shaped sunnies see their revival.

Set within the glamorous halls of Pacha Ibiza, traditionally Flower Power is held on a Monday. The weekly knees-up sees a dramatic transformation of the white-washed interiors sporting walls laced with banners, flora and gargantuan effigies of peace signs, roller-skates and other memorabilia. And, the production doesn’t stop short at elevating things further. Effervescent dancers and entertainers dressed as late legends can be found snaking the crowds with surprise that abounds from all angles. Taking to the centrally positioned booth in the centre of the dancefloor, resident DJs alongside a smattering of superstar guests take to the stage releasing all of the jewels of the golden days. From the Sex Pistols to Eric Clapton, The Beatles to The Rolling Stones, a trip down memory lane is the calling card of the night. Drawing in a brilliantly mixed crowd, the joy and infatuation seeping in the air creates a one of a kind atmosphere that has all ages hands in the air, wonderfully united.

For those who may have forgotten their psychedelic outfits, the event boasts a sprawling market across the venue. An array of outlandish accessories and kaleidoscopic outfits by local designers and suppliers are on hand to colour up guests for the evening. Once through the doors, the elaborate décor and encapsulating sound system create a world within a world where peace, love and unity are the only things that seem to matter. An evening packed full of fanfare and one where you won’t know where to look, its vibe – conversely – is one that’s relaxed and inviting. Welcoming guests to bathe it all in, leaving glowing with positivity and new-found appreciation for the world is not an uncommon after effect. On an island famed for its hippie-culture and attitude, there’s nowhere else to live it up like the rest of them.