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La Troya
28th May 2019 0 comments

Three decades in the game, La Troya is the concept that has been through every shapeshift of the island and is still going strong. Ibiza’s only, true, LGBT-friendly party on a clubbing-grounds scale, once through their doors, the world of these creators is one to forget everything else going on outside. A place where all genders, races and ages can freely mix without a second-glace, the open-door policy has cemented this fiesta with a spirit of anything-goes. And, anything can certainly happen at La Troya. Outrageous and audacious in its nature, the fiercest dancers in the fiercest costume threaten to overshadow the DJs on stage. Yet, serving out explosive energy to a rampant following has taken some evolution.

Once a low-key, underground party La Troya has boomed to become a notoriously recognised event on Ibiza’s calendars. While the rest of the White Isle pumps out house, techno and euphoria inducing trance, these creators are not competing with anyone but themselves. A needle in the haystack of a widely melodica soundscape, La Troya meanwhile takes to maxing out its speakers with electrifying beats. Hot house and thumping rhythms are the only agenda for painting the picture to a lively and colourful show.

With a unique proposition comes a vividly unique atmosphere. Made for the individuals who love to let loose in as out-there fashion as humanly possible, La Troya lays out all the elements to facilitate the ultimate night of shenanigans. As the only one in its category, it’s guaranteed you won’t find anything like it elsewhere. Drawing in a brilliantly diverse crowd, Ibiza’s character meshed with the philosophy behind La Troya makes for an epic collaboration.

Prepare to have your socks royally blown off, a night at La Troya is unrelentingly electric. For those looking to immerse in an exotic world of feathers, lasers and pounding energy, look no further. Having filled the floors of various venues of the years, their recent takeover of the illustrious HEART Ibiza is a signal that these creators are continually upping their game. For these icons, the rainbow-fun sets to dominate.