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Review | Calvin Harris smashes Tuesdays on Mars at Pacha
17th August 2018 0 comments

Calvin Harris received a more than warm welcome back to Ibiza at an incredible event held at the iconic Pacha club. The talented Scottish DJ hasn’t been seen on the sandy shores of the island since 2015, so yesterday’s epic evening was a delight to every music lover on the sunny isle.

The chart-topping producer is booked to play three exclusive shows at Pacha this summer. Since the announcement of this booking back in May, Tuesdays on Mars tickets have been selling like the proverbial hot cakes! Harris is now the highest paid DJ in the world, stealing shows at festivals and private events around the globe.

His first night of the three exclusive events was, as expected, astronomical! Pun fully intended as Pacha has an incredible, new intergalactic concept for 2018’s summer party season. Pacha’s new look has already been musically graced by the amazing talents of Fatboy Slim, Captone and Alesso to name just a few, making Calvin Harris one of many music icons to have performed at Pacha this summer at Tuesdays on Mars. The high standard of music booming out of the amps doesn’t just come from the headliners either this summer. Generik were getting the crowd well and truly warmed up by seamlessly playing track after track of feel-good floor-fillers, like Donna Summer’s hit ‘I Feel Love’ remixed to create an insanely good build followed by an intense climax of a drop making clubbers wild with excitement.

Calvin Harris Tuesdays on Mars at Pacha Ibiza
Calvin Harris smashes Tuesdays on Mars at Pacha Ibiza

The intergalactic concept Pacha is rocking this year is out of this world. There are cosmic accessories from floor to ceiling, from a giant pair of cherries decorated with shards of glass framed by an asteroid belt hanging over the spectacular DJ booths to laser shows and the dashboard of a spaceship projected on the walls. Rockets adorn the pillars enclosing the dance floor and silver meteors are suspended from the ceiling. To complete the intergalactic theme, Pacha dancers are dressed to impress in ultra-sexy, futuristic spacesuit costumes and Martian helmets.

When Harris appeared to do his set the crowd went through the roof with palpable excitement. What felt like millions of mobile phones snapped pictures of the Scot music giant as he prepared for lift off. He began his set with Rihanna’s ‘This Is What You Came For’, delivered to the crowd without any theatricality or special effects. His masterful musical manoeuvrings turned Rihanna’s smooth as silk vocals from a simple harmony into a chunky, buoyant baseline.

After that Harris dropped tune after tune, mixing chart favourites like Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here Right Now’ with his own most loved songs, including his new hit ‘One Kiss’ feat. Dua Lipa. All night long Harris had Pacha in the palm of his hand. He sent the crowd mad with delight, built the tension with epic build ups and created crescendos of euphoria at exactly the right moment. For night one of an exclusive three event booking, there was no sense of Harris having not quite found his place yet. There was no question for everyone there last night that Harris has well and truly landed!

Another perfect Tuesday at Pacha!