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Review | We discover the enchanting Woomoon
27th July 2017 0 comments

Feel like escaping somewhere magical? Forget anything you’ve already experienced in Ibiza.

The place to go is the wonderful and enchanting Woomoon. A party that only began last year, and has really hit its stride with increasing popularity. Located in Cova Santa, a sublime venue on the hills of San Jose, just a short drive from the airport.

The party begins open air in the early evening. As you arrive, you suddenly feel as though you have landed at a festival, surrounded by all kinds of stalls that have everything from health foods, açai juices, peculiar cocktails, face & body painting and all sorts of ‘Ibizenco’ style clothing and quirky accessories, all ready to help transform you into something mythical.

The music is playing… a combination of organic- shamanic house, hosted by a selection of world djs, some of the artists playing percussion instruments to the electronic-techno beats which immediately gives you the need to get within the energetic crowd of people. All captured by the enchanting sounds and the energy that flows amongst the bohemian colourful variety of people.

As day becomes night, away from the dance floor and near the food stalls, a musician/DJ is surrounded by a crowd of people who sit mesmerised by his combination of singing, playing an array of instruments and making beats, as right next to him, an artist is body painting a girl,  half nude and dressed as some form of mythical creature that slowly dances as she is covered in paint.

The downstairs nightclub now opens, and you follow the warm crowd into a  vibrant dark space with walls covered in psychedelic visuals and an impeccable lights-laser show where dancers and performers in futuristic android-like costumes with beams of light that blaze from their bodies emerge through the crowd. The sound gets louder and deeper and the crowd is now pumping, faces shimmer in glitter and paint, all in a trance to the chanting vocals and the powerful beats that will make you dance the night away. A place for the weird and wonderful. A place to free your spirit.

So go, and find your tribal senses and discover this unique clubbing experience, a place for those who like to depart the ordinary.