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Story of an Ibiza Virgin Part Two
23rd June 2016 0 comments

So – the week I spent there very quickly turned into 10 days, flights were pushed back, twice.

Ibiza is somewhere you really, really don’t want to leave. CATI talks about the specifics but let me run through the reasons why it’s so much better than any other random jaunt.

Anticipation. The stories you hear about everyone who has ever been there, from the people who are there now, the opening parties, the closing parties, the DJ’s, the clubs, the weather, the sunset… it sounds like an awful lot to do but that’s one of the reasons to go – you can’t conquer Ibiza in one holiday. There are a lot of places in Europe where you really get what it says on the tin, Ibiza comes without a label.

One of the first things I found a little daunting was the prospect of thousands of people entering the super clubs at the same time as me. The jostling, the ‘lads’ and the inevitable sweat of people who aren’t just sunburnt, but practically fried. With the amount of alcohol and other looseners reportedly found on the White Isle I thought the first obstacle I’d bump into would be someone falling over themselves, eyes rolling around their head and jaws grinding in their heads. BUT – no. In an almost unspoken understanding, people who holiday in Ibiza seem to know they aren’t on a stag looking to show up and throw up. Yes, if you go to the West End in San Antonio and sink eight jaeger-bombs and chase them with quad-vods…amongst other substances, you are going to be a little loose and you’re allowed to be. However, Ibiza is so so so much more than that, and as you regain consciousness at 6pm the next day, there is the inevitable feeling that you really have wasted a day, for Ibiza’s days can be beautiful.

Culturally speaking, Ibiza stands apart from other party islands which is why DJs take up long residencies there. The cream naturally rises to the top which is why clubs like Space and Amnesia are known throughout the world. You get what you pay for, and with this price tag comes the guarantee that this will not be any other club night, but a synergy between you and everyone else there who knows that you’re there to immerse yourself, become lost, but to create a night that will never be forgotten.

The Ibiza Blues. Holy ****. It’s savage. I’ve done everything from caravan holidays to Thailand Island retreats but nothing felt quite like leaving Ibiza. It’s like leaving a family behind when you leave, I made such strong connections with people the first time I went there that I almost forgot about everything that was going on at home. Though my sister was out there with me, she was working a lot so I had no other choice but to tag along with people I’d never met, but such was their hospitality that within a night I was as happy as I could be.

I could happily write about this experience forever – maybe I will again after the 3 weeks this summer, but for now, just book your tickets.

Jack from CATI