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Story of an Ibiza Virgin Part one
22nd June 2016 0 comments

Part 1

I’ve tried to write this article a few times. The first time I wrote about the circumstances surrounding why I went to Ibiza but it trailed off into nonsensical unstructured jargon. Then I tried to be a bit different and started to tell the story in reverse, starting on the flight away from the white isle. Then there were a couple of episodes of me starting with quotes…but they are cringe worthy. This time, I will write as simplistically as possible, no style, added excerpts of falsities – just a simple review of why Ibiza is arguably your go-to for a guaranteed awesome holiday. Best to start with how I ended up going there and why I’m going to always return.

My sister is a free spirit. Far more than I even pretend to be.
‘You coming to Ibiza this summer?’

Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza Rocks in full swing!

Pretty routine from her, she spends a lot of time living life to the full whilst I care about rent, pay checks, not disappointing my parents and securing a future – keeping above board in general. She spends her summers in Ibiza, organizing guest lists and boat parties.
‘Yeh, maybe’
‘Well, I’m pretty sure Radio 1 will be having their party weekend around the beginning of August and I can get us press passes to Ushuaiia, Ibiza Rocks, Mambo etc…’

Just names to me. I have as much affiliation with ‘super clubs’ as I do with any of the names I hear getting banded around them.
‘I’ll have to see how my finances are looking, OK?
‘Jack, you’ll stay with me, just buy me dinner and I’ll sort the rest’

I suffered a disappointing end of Spring, something didn’t come off for me and I was left with a Summer which looked strangely like a stop gap between the cold wind of Spring and the anticipation of the cold and rain of Autumn. There was a lot riding on something and I hadn’t given a thought to a ‘what if it doesn’t…’
‘So have you thought about it?’
Holly’s timing was perfect. The weather was abysmal that day and her pitch was solid. She is a natural saleswoman as it is, this time she had a buyer.

So I booked a one way ticket to San Antonio on Wednesday the 29th July, that lunch break in fact. I also coerced a few of my friends to do some spontaneous purchasing, well actually I booked them tickets to two European festivals and guilt tripped them into coming with me and giving me the money as soon as they could, but you know…same thing really.

With the promises, anticipation, sweaty palms and sincere lack of tan, I got on the plane that day and commenced the best holiday of my life, to date, until I return for twice as long this year!

In Part 2, I will explain just how and why it’s like no other place and should be your ‘go to’ if you’re looking for a party holiday… keep your eyes on CATI’s page!