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Winter on the White Isle
30th October 2015 0 comments

Everybody knows about Ibiza in summer; the buzz of peak season partying, fine dining and celeb spotting. However, it is easy to forget that Ibiza has a lot more to offer than just sunbathing all day and dancing till dawn.

Earlier in the season, we gave you our list of top things to do in Ibiza that wasn’t just clubbing; beach days, Hippy markets and tours of the historic museums and churches that old Ibiza is also famous for which are all open during peak season (May-October).

But, what is there to do once the millions of yearly summer visitors have gone home? Is Ibiza worth a visit in the winter months and if so, what can you do?

Ibiza Old Town, Dalt Vila
Ibiza Old Town, Dalt Vila

It is easy to think that once the closing parties are done, Ibiza shuts its doors and hibernates until the following May, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Ibiza in autumn and winter is relaxing and peaceful, with the streets in summer heaving with tourists, once October sets in, you can wander through its cooler streets and experience the culture as if you were a resident.

  1. Sunsets get Sweeter

Summer sunsets in Ibiza are iconic, with hotspots filling with people all waiting to applaud the setting of the sun. In autumn, the colours are more vibrant and there is a haze in the air that means if you are lucky, you will get to look at the sun in all its glory as it dashes the sky in pinks and golds. With less people around, you can find your own little spot and watch as if it was happening just for you.

  1. Street Markets

For those that live on the island all year, wandering through street markets off peak is a luxury pastime and is something that can really be enjoyed once the crowds have left. Take your time perusing trinkets and talking to locals and really get a feel for the Islands people and traditions. Las Dalias, San Jordi and Cala Llenya all have excellent street markets that operate all year round.

  1. History Hunting

If history and culture are your thing, Ibiza’s wealth of museums are just the ticket. Colder days can be enjoyed by wrapping up warm and wandering round a wealth of art and artefacts that give a great insight in to the past of the island, its influences and the lives of its people then and now. Our favourite museums being MACE (The Museum of Culture and Art) and the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera however you can find full listings and opening times on our museum page

  1. Night Life

If you still fancy dancing the night away, Pacha is open all year round and in the winter months you can party with the locals and get a whole different experience in this famous venue. With most of the big clubs closed for now, it gives you an opportunity to discover some gems, with smaller bars and clubs really coming into their own and organising a more varied experience. Live music at Teatro Pereyra, alternative events at El Veto or cocktails and entertainment at 9Nine; whatever your looking for, you can find it.
Check out our Ibiza Party Calendar for all the latest Winter Events too

  1. Your own little paradise

Ever wondered what having a private beach feels like? With most of the tourists back home, Ibizas beautiful beaches are virtually empty and you can enjoy long walks with the sounds of the waves. The water stays relatively calm and crystal clear all year and you can play cast away on beaches such as Conta Cove, Saladeta Cove and White Waters.

  1. Picture Perfect

If photography is your thing, Ibiza off season has a lot to offer you, with stunning natural displays such as the blossoming of the almond trees in the Valley of the Corona , deserted landscapes and vivid colouring all springing up both on land and in the sky, you and your lens will be spoilt for choice

Es Cavallet beach, in Ibiza
Es Cavallet beach, in Ibiza
  1. Eat like a King (or a Queen )

During winter, you can wander into virtually any café and see menu del dia; three course and a drink for about 10 euros. Dishes tend to run along the lines of salad to start, a chicken based main and a flan dessert, all of which are tasty and filling.

  1. Rent a scooter

With the roads quieter and plenty of places to visit, by far the best way to do and see it all is to rent a vintage scooter and buzz about the island between hotspots and attractions. By far the best way to get about the island!

  1. Make friends and learn the lingo

With the tourists gone, you can sit beside the locals and residents of the island and listen as they chat. They are famous for their love of gossip and you can easily become part of the conversation and even pick up some sayings and phrases which will make you feel part of the island and enhance your holiday experience.

  1. Take a day trip.

With the Ibiza airport quieter and much more efficient in the winter months, and mainland Spain being just over an hours flight away, why not plan to pop over to Barcelona for the day and soak up a different scene? Las Ramblas is open all year and wandering down the famous strip under autumn coloured trees is fantastic. Full of tapas restaurants and street entertainment, you can lose yourself for a day before catching an evening flight back to Ibiza ready for dinner.

So why not try Ibiza during Winter and discover the real Ibiza! Use our App to find your way x