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Zoo Project
20th June 2019 0 comments

A festival-style experience in a league of its own, where else promises the experience of an exotic animal raving at a genuine, abandoned zoo? Well, it can only be Zoo Project. A party that has won the island over and over, these days Benimussa Park sees crowds that pack the venue to its rafters – in part due to the steady rise in meteoric acts. The day-to-night extravaganza held in the open-air venue of a large, wildlife park sets the ultimate backdrop for the wildest shindig going. Revellers are encouraged to dress as their best animals, body and glitter-paint in check, while inside surprise awaits around every corner.

Zoo Project’s removed location creates its otherworldly vibe. Starting at midday, doors open for punters to enjoy a multi-sectional jungle. What was once a seal pit, and still called accordingly so, is now an amphitheatre where DJs with insatiable rhythm orchestrate the crowd into mayhem from the centre of the pool. A main stage in the middle of the park keeps the energy kicking all day while the Mandala Garden, removed from the dancefloors offers a roller disco and a rotation of activities. Around the park guests can enjoy freshly prepared street food, craft stalls, photobooth and body-painting opportunities, just in case the dress-code memo wasn’t received.

As if that wasn’t enough, further secret pockets of fun can be found in the shape of a pool area to chill-out in and the Treehouse where emerging artists are chosen to showcase their artistry. And, artistry is the name of the game at Zoo Project. Big time acts can be caught in the open-air, Ida Engberg, Hector and Shonky take to the stage in between what is arguably the jewel to this party, all of the hottest emerging talent. Notorious for sets that keep Zoo Project’s following out till the very end, this is a must on any serious music lover’s itinerary – mostly for checking out the brilliant home-grown DJs.

It can be hard to know where to look at this dressed-up venue of madness, in between stellar sets entertainers filter the crowds creating live shows and spectacles. Mad-hatters, giant effigies of wild animals and bizarre actors engage and encourage revellers to bask in the audacity. The best part is that while the outdoor shenanigans end at midnight, a purpose-built sheltered club – the Rabbit Hole – is on hand to carry proceedings through till the early hours.

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