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Pikes: The Land of Magic Opens Its Doors
30th April 2019 0 comments

We may be biased in saying this but perhaps the opening of Pikes, Saturday 27th April, was one of the most exciting events on the calendar so far for us. With the guest list sold out within days, watching the Instagram updates in the run up to the big day wasn’t dissimilar to the feeling of Christmas (unless you’re Scrooge!). As the island’s most laidback and spectacularly characteristic night-time venue, it’s the place to be for running into locals, veterans and buzzy new faces alike. After all, if it’s good enough for Grace Jones – it’s good enough for us! And, especially after the slog of winter, vitamin D deprived and staying in far too much, the opening was a welcome date in the April diary. Clad in our best boots, dressy numbers and an anything-goes attitude, we went to go welcome in the new season at this spiritual home.

Arriving fairly early for the night (and Ibiza in general) at 10pm, guests in dazzling outfits were out mingling around poolside. It’s still a bit chilly in the evenings pre-season so jackets of course were on but the stars blanketing above us made up for it. Taking in a drink and bumping into island-friends, the air was full of jubilant chatter and of course, Graham Sahara was slowly pacing us in with sexy, Balearic hip-shakers. Hanging out beside the glam rooftop pool, with the twinkle of the distant towns in the mountains, we couldn’t help but let an “ah, at last” sigh out. Inside Plaza Major, the pre-party dinner was in its final throes, Paco Fernandez – musical island legend – belted delicious songs in his power-hungry tone, wrapping up the á la carte offerings. As ever, Pikes was already feeling untroubled, elegant and like everyone was in for a ball.

Yet, this was undoubtedly the calm before the storm. On the line-up for Freddie’s was Artwork, Doorly and Adam Daniels as well as Guy Williams in the cozy Chez Fez dance room. From 11-12pm the gates burst open and the revellers flooded in. As people chatted on sofas underneath the shade of the juniper tree gardens, a brand-new outdoor bar made sure this year all mouths would be well watered. As ever, everywhere beautiful people looked to be engrossed in their own stories, chatter and fanfare. Flamboyance galore inside, Doorly was throwing tunes that had the disco-ball rocking. The house-party set-up and vibe of Pikes is always a special one – table-top dancing and hands-in-the-air cheering was very much the agenda of the night.

And, as we made our way from the effervescent dancefloor of Freddie’s through to the sleazily-lit Chez Fez basement, here we were able to catch our breath and really show off our moves. Tunes were served that had us wanting to high five Guy Williams all night long as we danced in the living-room shaped space. You never know when the props around the hotel will cause a commotion, but our ears pricked at the sound of cheering and singing. Of course, just outside the basement, a congregation had formed around the foyer piano, where, as if at a wedding reception, everyone arms around each other bellowed in song.

Electric, spirited and as always, as if we were enjoying a star-studded house party, the night suitably blurred into a frenzy of action we can’t quite piece together anymore. Ending up with the troopers once the sky began turning a bright blue, the party continued on in the privacy of a hotel room with all the new friends amounted on the way. The world of Pikes is always adventurous, and we’d surely missed the bizarre sequence of events it always delivers. As ever, it was magic, merry and full of laughs. A place built on stories, we certainly had plenty to take home. The signal is strong for a rocking season at Pikes and, if it isn’t already high priority, our request (or demand): put it on the list!